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Reflective Webinar Series: Mindfulness Through the Lens of Public Health is a Course

Reflective Webinar Series: Mindfulness Through the Lens of Public Health



Full course description

This reflective webinar will explore how mindfulness can be applied by those in the public health workforce to skillfully approach goals and challenges related to their careers and personal goals. The webinar will provide an introduction to the scientific perspective that is driving the growing interest and popularity of mindfulness across key sectors of society, including education, healthcare, business and law. Building upon this foundation, we will explore how mindfulness can inform the work and wellbeing of scientists, researchers, educators and practitioners, both personally and professionally. The complex nature of working on projects where passion and advocacy intersect with holding space for multiple perspectives and stakeholders can impact an individual’s mental health, and by extension the communities that they serve. The webinar will mix didactic lecture with practical hands-on activities, giving participants the opportunity to explore how different mindfulness practices might translate to, and provide support in, the context of their work and daily life.


This offering includes questions to consider before watching the video, the 60 minute video itself, as well as questions to reflect on after viewing the content. Finally, we'll reach out in three months to see how these reflections have impacted your practice. The purpose of these exercises is to help you pause, reflect and engage with the content.


Learning goals

  • Experience foundational mindfulness practices that can be applied in personal and professional settings
  • Understand the connection between neuroscience and mindfulness
  • Build resiliency and self- regulation
  • Identify practices to combat burn-out and stress
  • Develop vocabulary to skillfully communicate in high-pressure situations


Until Thursday, February 27 2020, Elli will be available through the course platform to answer any questions you have after reviewing the content. A certificate of completion will be generated upon submitting your post-webinar reflection.


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